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Let Your hair do the talking

Our hair has always been seen as a reflection of our identity. For many of us, it is not just aesthetic, but also an outward reflection of our personality. Enjoying fuller, thicker hair that makes one feel healthier and more youthful is one of the many reasons our clients continue to visit us. After all, with our Korean hair treatment techniques and products, the results are remarkable for clients, both young and mature.

Our hair go through a growth cycle that includes a period of growth, a period of rest and then shedding or falling out.

Bad Hair Days

“When your hair doesn’t do what you want it to do, nothing else seems to matter either,” says molecular biologist, Professor Dame Anne Glover, a sentiment backed by research findings from a study at Yale University which discovered a ‘bad hair day’ led to a marked decrease in self-esteem. “One of the theories is that it’s down to the split second judgments we make when we meet people for the first time,” she noted.

Hair Spa

Our products contain natural and organic herbal botanical serum to promote healthy scalp and stimulate hair re-growth. Our hair spa helps prevent hair loss for existing hair, while also boosting new hair growth.
With improved blood flow and circulation to the scalp enhanced through scalp massages by our highly trained therapists, more nutrients would also be absorbed by your hair follicles. This would not only prevent hair loss, but also eliminate dandruff.

Why do Hair Follicles Die?

Studies have shown that hair care products may affect hair structure. Each hair is a filamentous biomaterial consisting of the cuticle, cortex and medulla, all held together by the cell membrane complex.

Effects of Shampoo and Conditioner on Hair

Although shampoo removes dirt and oil at the surface level, there is evidence that harsh shampoo may result in hair damage, though mostly confined to the cuticle level.

The main purpose of using a conditioner is to ensure that hair is smooth for combing.

These products may also contain other ingredients for dandruff control, prevention of static build-up and enhancement of hair shine. However, these chemicals may also have other unintended side effects on hair health.

Customised Service – Let your scalp breathe!

Our hair products are formulated to remove build-up of unhealthy chemicals. All products used at our Hair Spa are a 100% chemical free, and made from botanical ingredients only.

Prevention of Hair Fall & Treatment of Hair Regrowth

Using only “Natural” and “Organic” products, which are mild and refreshing with visible results.
Each session begins with a hair analysis before customized treatment to strengthen hair follicles to prevent hair fall and greying hair.

Our products have been developed to:

  • Balance PH in hair
  • Relieve dry scalp and flakes
  • Treat oily and dandruff conditions

Scalp treatments to give you back Nourished and Moisturized Hair

  • Removes excess oil and dandruff on scalp
  • Improves hair growth
  • Combats hair loss.

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