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Karen Ong

M Soc (Counselling)

Karen worked in a Singapore government hospital where her people skills were honed. She learned to understand and deal with people in stressful situations. Her interests in understanding human behaviour led her to pursue her Master in Social Science with a major in counselling. She is a certified Personal Behaviour Analyst and Personal Values Analyst. Realising her calling in counselling and family life education work, she subsequently became a counsellor and the family life educator.
Karen understands the power and the magic of the subconscious mind, and this together with her
passion, led her to formulate specific internal processes designed to achieve beneficial outcomes for wellness in a safe clinical setting. She is a bilingual (English and Mandarin) certified Clinical
Hypnotherapist cum Trainer.

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Lee Hong Yiap (Hong Ye)

Bachelor of Social Science (HONS) Psychology
Certified Choice Theory-Reality Therapist
Accredited SleepTalk™ Consultant
Certified Consulting Hypnotist (NGH)
Certified 7-Path Self Hypnosis Teacher
Certified DISC Behavioural Consultant
Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator

Hong Ye has been actively working in helping profession. Being a certified consulting hypnotist, Hong Ye assists individuals to work through life challenges by addressing their needs, wants, and factors which block them from achieving personal development. With the help of academic background and clinical working experience, Hong Ye manages to integrate what he has learnt into practice that beneficial the community. Hong Ye utilizes his knowledge in behavioural analysis and premarital counseling to work with family, couples and elderly to establish their relationship goals. As what he always says, ‘Life is better than never’! Hong Ye believes that every human behavior comes with a purpose, and we are consistently motivated to strive for a more fulfilling self. 

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Kelly Nicole Tan


Kelly worked in the corporate world for more than 20 years before discovering her interest in counselling and psychotherapy during her sabbatical in 2003 to 2005. This led her to pursue her studies at the University of South Australia where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Science (Counselling). After her studies, she served as a pro-bono counsellor with a counselling ministry in a church and later, as a free-lance counsellor.
Kelly walks with people during challenging periods of their lives. She believes that every challenge in life poses an opportunity to grow. During the journey, she draws out their inner wisdom and strength to help them overcome their challenges and transcends their situation. She works with clients on marital, relationship and other emotional issues. She incorporates various techniques such as Gestalt, guided meditation, regression, EFT in her counselling works. Having benefited from meditation, she introduces meditation to clients during the counselling sessions and cultivates mindfulness and awareness in their lives.
She is a member of:
– Golden Key International Honour Society (2009);
– Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling Singapore (APACS) 2012;
– National Guild of Hypnosis (2016).

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Shanti Chainani

Certified Instructor (NGH)
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Accredited SleepTalk™ Consultant
EFT Practitioner
Health Coach
IEMT Practitioner

Shanti Chainani is a highly experienced certified Clinical
Hypnotherapist, certified EFT practitioner and an expert in Holistic
Wellness. Shanti is also an accredited Sleep-talk consultant and
Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioner. Shanti is always on
a look out for ways to share her years of wisdom and experience
in the study of the human mind and behavior. She believes every
human being has the potential within them to bring beneficial
changes to their mental, physical and emotional health. With the
right knowledge and understanding, change is just a few simple
steps away. She believes the cause of all suffering is ignorance.
As a speaker, writer and trainer, she is on a mission to share her
knowledge and wisdom to anyone who is looking for a healthier
and more fulfilling life. As she always says, “All change begins
within. It’s your responsibility to create a happier and healthier life
for yourself. No one else can do it for you. It’s your Life and its
about time to create the Life you want. What are you waiting for?”

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