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Signature Balinese Massage

Experience a traditional classic deep-tissue treatment now packed with a modern twist when you come down to experience our Sri Bayu Signature Balinese Massage package.

By combining a series of firm pressure and gentle stretching techniques, this massage is perfect for relieving stress and restoring the body’s natural flow of energy. With its origins coming from Bali, Indonesia, we’ve introduced a couple of unique elements to enhance our client’s relaxation experience.

From the moment you step into our wellness spa, you begin an immersive journey into deep relaxation. After our friendly counter staff has greeted you and confirm your appointment time, you’ll be led to your private room where you can change into our comfortable massage clothes.

Once you’re ready, our masseuse will then invite you to lie face down on the massage bed upon which she’ll begin to wipe your feet as you allow your mind to rest and settle down. All the while listening to the soothing music playing in the background for your body massage session.

By this point, you should already have begun to settle in and gotten quite relaxed and comfortable. Our masseuse will start conducting a simple body massage warm up to loosen your body’s tight muscles and help increase blood circulation.

Not only is this warm up a vital step towards relaxation of the mind and body, it also prevents soreness and post-massage injury. Many therapists miss this crucial step and apply deep pressure strokes before the body is ready. It’s like pressing on a tough piece of  meat, a lot more pressure is required that ends in terrible aches all over the body.

Instead, we want to allow your body to adjust into a positive session by helping you relax both in mind and body. Thereby allowing the massage session to release its relaxation wonders.

What to Expect in a 60 or 90 Mins Massage Session

Before you begin your session, our masseuse will ask if you have any particular area you want her to focus on. The advantage of a 90 mins session is it gives our masseuse more time to work on your body. When they notice any particular area that feels tighter than normal, they’ll adjust their techniques to relieve the tension on that area.

For a 60 mins session however, as there is lesser time, without specifying a particular area to work on, they can’t dedicate as much time to loosen knotted tissues. Regardless, you’ll still experience the realignment effects by the end of the session.

Who Should Schedule an Appointment

Anyone can come for our massage! 

The beauty of a Balinese Massage is that we incorporate a wide variety of techniques that were passed down from Bali, China and India. By combining these kneading, pressure-point stimulation and rolling techniques, they’ve proven to be effective in relaxing muscle tissue, making it a great option for those suffering from sports injury.

Add in the scented essential oils that puts your mind in a deeper trance-like state, this massage becomes a wonderful getaway for anyone feeling stressed out from work or other aspects in their day-to-day lifestyle.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Therapeutic Massage

Professionalism, integrity, and value are what we pride ourselves on both in the way we conduct our business and how we serve our clients. But more importantly, as a wellness spa, we believe true relaxation comes when both the mind and body is truly relaxed. That’s why we’ve incorporated a blend of elements that trigger the various senses to give you a more immersive and holistic massage session that is almost therapeutic.

Plus… there’s no hard-selling of any sort after your massage as we believe in letting our massage services speak for itself.

Experience Our Signature Massage Today

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If you’re constantly sitting down at an office desk or standing for long hours each day, then we encourage you to come down for a session as your body needs a proper massage to reduce some of the “damage” from an unhealthy posture.

Try not to delay taking recovery action as prolong exposure could lead to permanent effects.